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Condensate & Seal Pots

Condensate Pots

HGP Series

Globe Valves

HGY Series

HS31 Series

Sample/drain valve

Integral Tube Fittings

Tube fittings

Steam Jacket Series

Sample valves

PG46/47/48 Series

Gauge/Block Valves

PG65 Series

Orifice Block Valves

PN49/PB59 Series

Needle valves/bleed valves

PM13/16 Series

Rigid mount manifold valve

PM 45/46/53/54/51 Series

Three Valve Manifold Valve

PM50 Series

Two valve static pressure manifold valve

PM57 Series

Five valve differential pressure manifold valve

PM59 Series

Two valve manifolds - static pressure

PM76 Series

Five valve differential pressure manifolds

HFN Series

Severe service needle valve

HH Series

High pressure needle valves

HN29 Series

Needle valve

HN39 Series

Instrument needle valve

HN41 Series

Instrument needle valve

HN49 Series

Needle valves

Instrument Ball Valves

Ball valves

HB50/51 Series

Block & Bleed Valves

HB52 Series

Block & Bleed Valves

HB59 Series

Block & Bleed Valves

HB24/25/26/27 Series

Block & Bleed Valves

HG35 Series

Gauge/Block Valves

HG46 Series

Gauge/Block Valves

HG46 Series

Gauge Valves

HG47 Series

Gauge Valves

HG48 Series

Gauge Valves

Gauge Syphons

HG Series

Orifice Block Valves

HO25 Series

Orifice block valve

HT01/HT03 Series

High temperature globe valves

HK02 Series

Mono-Ball valves

HM20 Series

Instru-mount manifolds

HM37 Series

Five valve manifold

HM37A Series

Horizontal twist manifold adapter

HM40 Series

Instru-mount manifolds

HM45 Series

In-line three valve manifold

HM46 Series

In-line three valve manifold with vent

HM50 Series

Two valve manifolds - static pressure

HM53 Series

Single flanged three valve manifolds

HM54 Series

Double flanged three valve manifold

HM56/55 Series

Five valve manifolds - blowdown

HM57 Series

Five valve manifold - metering

HM58 Series

Two Valve Manifolds - Level

HM59 Series

Two valve manifold - static pressure

HM72 Series

Isolation two-valve manifolds

HM73 Series

Isolation two-valve manifold

HM88 Series

Three valve direct mount manifolds

HM10/13/14/16/18 Series

Rigid mount manifolds

HA Series

Distribution manifolds

HA162 Series

Distribution manifolds

HE30 Series

Three valve equalizing manifolds

HE40-HE44 Series

Equalizing manifolds

Hexblok Modular Series

Double Block & Bleed Valves

HexConnet Series

Natural Gas Measurement Products

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