Five valve manifold

The HM37 Five Valve Manifold combines two shutoff valves, two equalizing valves, and a vent/calibration valve into a single, compact assembly.

Accuracy is paramount in the upstream and downstream hydrocarbon measurement world. When expensive liquid or gas changes ownership, precise measurement is critical.

The larger 3/8" bore smooths out the transmission oof primary element pneumatic signals by reducing pulsation induced spikes to the transmitter improving accuracy

The smallest leakage from the high side of the manifold to the low side can lead to lost revenue due to inaccurate measurement. The double equalizing arrangement ensures against measurement error that can occur from equalizer leakage between high and low pressure connections, making the HM37 ideal for custody transfer applications.

Features & Benefits
  • User friendly design developed after consultation with gas field instrument technicians
  • Angled, offset equalizer valves simplify transmitter calibration and technician operation – no bruised knuckles!
  • Longer body enables easy installation of flange bolts without lifting or holding the meter and allows unencumbered installation of test port calibration nipples or valves
  • Mounting taps for universal bracket installation
  • Flanged inlet versions have 1/4″ FNPT tapped counter bore to increase flexibility of inventory
  • 3/8″ true bore insures pneumatic signal accuracy
  • Carbon-filled PTFE seats provides positive shutoff
  • O-ring bonnets for any application
  • Two configurations: NPT x flange and flange x flange

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