Orifice Block Valves

The PG65 block valve is designed for compact side-by-side mounting on orifice flanges and orifice settings, as well as for use with condensate chambers, mercury traps, and seal traps. The slim design enables side-by-side mounting on 2-1/8" centers without staggering the valves with unequal length nipples as required with other valves. This valve provides two outlet ports for use as impulse line connections, pressure gauge mounting or level gauge mounting.

Features & Benefits
  • Hex Power Valves conform to the Power standards ANSI B31.1 and B31.3 specifications
  • Hex valves are 100% hydro-tested to the ANSI B31.1 standard before being shipped
  • Hex bonnets come standard with safety clamp to prevent loosening and are “back seated”
  • Hex valves have large robust handles and stems for durability and long life

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