Three valve direct mount manifolds

The HM88 Three Valve Direct Mount Manifold is designed for close-coupled mounting of a differential pressure transmitter to an orifice flange. The rugged body of this heavy-duty manifold has two sets of outlets allowing versatility in mounting and convenient access for transmitter calibration.

Features & Benefits
  • Flexibility in mounting: an extra set of plugged outlet ports allows the transmitter to be mounted opposite (in-line with) the inlet futbol flanges, or 90 degrees below the manifold as space dictates
  • Test ports: the additional outlets are easily accessible for use as test ports. Transmitter calibration can be further simplified with additional valves
  • Non-rotating tip (NRT) stem: provides tight, repeatable shutoff without the galling or cross-scoring that occurs on ball type stems. Because the NRT conical stem tip stops rotating when it contacts the seat, further torque turns the stem, but not the tip, protecting the stem tip from damage
  • Fully packed bonnets: with four rings of Teflon-Chevron packing for greater protection against fugitive emissions. Braided or Graphite packing available for higher temperature service
  • Fully backseated bonnets: prevents accidental stem removal and blowout. unique design minimizes emissions while offering access to the packing

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