Sample/drain valve

The HS31 is a sample/drain valve used to extract a fresh sample while providing tight shutoff and high pressure and temperature capabilities. It is designed as a solution to routine and difficult fluid sampling applications including viscous liquids, slurries and other products that tend to solidify when cooled or exposed to the atmosphere.

The HS31 design features a reciprocating stem that unplugs the sample section as it opens. Opening the valve moves the plunger into the pipeline or vessel to remove any debris or sediment, assuring that a fresh sample enters the valve body. The valve also features two standard outlet ports. This allows the user to thread a sample cylinder, tube fitting, or piping into one outlet while using the additional outlet for check valve or bleed valve installation, clean out or purging connections.

For shutoff considerations, the HS31 can be provided with metal-to-metal seats or optional dual seating. The dual seat consists of a retained KEL-F seat installed in the inlet end of the valve body, backed up by a secondary metal-to-metal seat directly downstream.

Features & Benefits
  • Wide material selection suits a variety of applications and services
  • Reciprocating stem
  • Dual seating option

Sizes: 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″
Ratings: 3100 psig @ 100°F; 2150 psig @ 1000°F (Stainless Steel with Graphite packing)

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