Block & Bleed Valves

The HB50 features a fully packed and backseated block valve along with a bleed valve with directional discharge tube and stem stop. With a gauge or transmitter threaded into its outlet, the HB50 will allow pressure to be bled and blocked for simplified instrument removal. The discharge tube enables the technician to direct the high pressure fluid away from himself before changing the instrument. The HB50 can also be threaded into a Hex Primary Block Valve (such as the HG46 Series) to provide secondary block and bleed functions on multiple instrument installations.

The HB51 is similar to the HB50 but utilizes a bleed screw in lieu of a bleed valve.

Features & Benefits
  • Cost savings by reducing number of components and leak points
  • Compact design features two valves in one to utilize less space
  • Non-rotating tip eliminates seat galling and provides a bubble-tight shut off
  • Packing below the threads prevents lubricant wash out and corrosion

Sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″
Ratings: 6980 psig @ 100°F @ 1000F (Stainless Steel with graphite packing); 450°F limit for Teflon
Features: Cost savings; compact design features 2 valves in 1 to utilize less space; non-rotating tip; packing below threads

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