Block & Bleed Valves

For more critical services, the HB59 Integral Block and Bleed Valve combines a fully packed backseated block valve and a fully packed backseated bleed valve into a single, streamlined assembly that minimizes threaded connections. A major benefit of this design is that, while minimizing connections, cost and installation time are also reduced. A 1/2" FNPT adapter can accommodate a tube fitting for remote removal of bleed waste. The HB59 is typically used on applications where waste must be returned to the line or holding vessel, as is common with hazardous media or EPA-targeted hydrocarbons.

Features & Benefits
  • Cost savings by reducing number of components and leak points
  • Compact design features two valves in one to utilize less space
  • Non-rotating tip eliminates seat galling and provides a bubble-tight shut off
  • Packing below the threads prevents lubricant wash out and corrosion

Sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″
Ratings: 6980 psig @ 100°F; 3525 psig @ 1000°F (Stainless Steel with graphite packing); 450°F limit for Teflon

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