Orifice Block Valves

The HG12 features a built-in vent or bleed screw on the outlet side of the valve. In process line mounted instrument or signal line tubing, venting or line filling capabilities can be an added feature.

The HG65 orifice block valves are designed for compact side-by-side mounting on standard orifice flanges, condensate chambers, mercury traps and seal traps. Two outlet ports are provided for impulse line connections or for pressure gauge or level guage mounting. The HG65 is ideal for light hydrocarbons or utility service.

Features & Benefits
  • Compact, Side-by-Side Mounting: The slim design of Hex primary block valves allows side-by-side mounting on standard orifice flanges, and reduces the required installation space. The shorter profile and lower weight makes these valves ideal for tight installations.
  • Reduce Potential Leakage, Costs: Using Hex primary valves cuts the number of components required on traditional orifice flange installations, resulting in fewer threaded connections (fewer leak points) and lower installation costs.
  • Non-Rotating Tip (NRT) Stem: Provides tight, repeatable shutoff without galling or cross-scoring that occurs on ball type stems. The NRT conical stem tip stops rotating when it contacts the seat, so further torque turns the stem, but not the tip, preventing damage to the top.
  • VOC Emission Compliance: Unique TFE-Chevron and high temperature 1625G/Grafoil/1625G packing designs have been certified to meet and beat the 100 ppm EPA 1998 Emission standards. Special bonnet design no longer required to meet this standard.
  • Reduce Costs & Installation Time: Use the HG65 in place of the conventional arrangement of gate valves, nipples and tees for a lower cost, easy-to-install primary valve assembly.

Sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″
Ratings: 6980 psig @ 100°F, 3525 psig @ 1000°F (Stainless Steel with graphite packing); 450°F limit for Teflon

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