Instru-mount manifolds

The HM40 is a double instrument-mount manifold that allows two instruments to be mounted on one assembly. The HM40 reduces the number of components and leak points associated with conventional static pressure instrument piping. The piping configuration is simplified by combining the functions of block and bleed, as well as providing vent/calibration access in a single, remote mounted block style manifold. The HM40 requires only one pipe tap even though two sets of block and bleed valves are provided. The HM40 is a static pressure manifold that provides two sets of block and bleed valves for the independent operation of two static pressure instruments such as gauges, transmitter or switches.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduce costs and installation time
  • Your choice of mounting options
  • Easy to insulate
  • Non-rotating tip (NRT) stem
  • Integral tube nut or inlet flanges available
  • Fully packed, backdated bonnets

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