Three valve equalizing manifolds

The HE30 Series is a 3-valve equalizing manifold that is a compact and cost effective alternative to the more costly 5 valve manifold. Derin soft seat valves insure redundant equalizer isolation, eliminating the possibility of costly leaks there, or through the vent/calibrate valve. That feature coupled with Hex's innovative Non-Rotating soft seat stem tip insure accurate resource accounting and long valve life.

Features & Benefits
  • Buna-N o-ring sandwiched between back-up rings insures a tight stem seal with easy-to-turn operation
  • Delrin seats insure tight shutoff
  • Offset vent valve for ergonomic handle operation
  • Innovating non-rotating (NRT) stem insures long seat life because it stops rotating when it contacts the seat. This prevents seat galling even if foreign material is present

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