Hex Valves were developed to simplify the piping required throughout the process industries. These valves are so common, “Hex Valve” became a generic term for bar stock instrument, gauge, and orifice valves. Today, leaders in the natural gas, chemical and petroleum industries depend on Hex Valve for reliable equipment that is easy to install and operate.

Testing to EPA Reference Method 21 (reference: 40 CFR 60, BAAQMD, Reg. 8, Rule 18, SCAQMD rules), all Hex Valve TFE, 1625G Grafoil and Graphaseal bonnet valves are Certified Low E, guaranteed not to leak more than 100ppm for five (5) years in accordance with industry mandates.

Hex Valve adds value for customers by manufacturing products that are reliable and durable which will help you avoid costly shutdowns and production delays. Hex Valve pays close attention to every detail of design, manufacturing and assembly of each component. Hex Valve can help you with all of your instrumentation products including manifold, needle, block & bleed, gauge, mono-weld and mono-flange valves.